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My vacation home .. ;)

I'd like to introduce .. From now on, I'll blog my techstuff under that URL.. You will find every information you need there, so there is no need to talk a lot here. Just visit it from time to time to get some deeper insights into Coding, Coding at ETH, and other tech stuff :)

evidence of incapacity of Swiss iPhone users..

usually, I wouldn't blog about this, but tonight, some people have shown me, why they say humans are dumb.. A lot of us were able to queue .. Ordered.. At 11.30 some (30) random - sorry - fugly pricks just queued in the first places as well.. And they pushed away everyone (including the geek kids) standing there just to get an iPhone.. I don't think I should release my app for free for those assh****.. Makes me really sad.

Liveblog from the queue..

Damnit, this is so much fun.. :D (The funniest part is that I'm one of the first 10 in the queue.....)

Feel free to join the party, we have Swiss Television, peanuts, potato chips and the harmonie wollishofen :)
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GottaGo - a hopefully useful application for the upcoming swiss iPhone release
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GottaGo - a hopefully useful application for the upcoming swiss iPhone release

UPDATE: You'll find any future information on
Whew, it's been a long time since I really blogged about something worth blogging :)
Today, I want to announce the release of `GottaGo'. An iPhone application to help people get around in Switzerland if they will (soon?) own an iPhone :)
It shows you your closest stations and their corresponding link informations. I've dreamed about such an app since I moved to Zurich, so now I had the opportunity to make it myself.
There are a few things yet-to-come like when you have to switch trains or which number of train you have to take etc. But these are just a few more xpaths :)

Check out the video (.mov) here (with sound!): GottaGo Movie

Check out the screenshots:

Places ViewYour next linksSome settingsSome detailed trip informations
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Liveblog from the queue..
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How to get SBB Timeschedules..

In case anyone will ever wonder again, how to get just a plain html time schedule from

set your post body contents to: (damn cms..)

and use the following url:

watch out for the date (not in the past) as well as the time..


Somedays.. like the past 40 days.. I hope that a lot of my problems are just PEBKAC, if not, doctrine would be pretty damn doomed..

paneenee tauschbilder..

After a few hickups of MySQL and OpenVZ, one of the lowcost servers we are currently building up is serving as a db-read host for I wish the project all the best during that time.. and if you think about other online paneenee exchange portals: don't look any further, it's the best!

Some presentations..

A long time ago and recently, I held 2 techtalks at our office..
One is about `optimizing PHP' and the other is about `mysql 5.1 / 6.0 - some changes'

Optimizing PHP Apps: Download here

Mysql 5.1 / 6.0: Download here

I'm not alone

wheee.. i'm not alone..
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